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Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s impact as one of the best days to sell software cannot be underestimated. The occasion is a chance to promote your products for a sales spike that could even quadruple

This is why we’re breaking down what you, as a B2C seller, should be doing to win over potential customers this Black Friday.Gartner has stated that “by 2020, all new entrants and 80% of historical vendors will offer subscription-based business models

Why Consumer Products Are Suited To Black Friday

Should you be offering a discount on Black Friday, as a consumer-oriented business? Absolutely. This type of product can often be an impulse purchase, so a discount increases traffic to your site and ultimately conversions.

A potential alternative to offering a discount is to go for a product bundle instead. Bundles allow you to give more value to your potential customers for a lower price. This could come in the form of templates or extra tutorial videos, exclusive to this Black Friday.

Fiplab offered a 50% off bundle last year, which was made up of five separate programs, each catering to a different niche. This allowed them to introduce their audience to new products, as well as upgrading them to those they know already.

Cindori is definitely a company with a strong Black Friday strategy especially in the concise way they market their sales through their newsletter, which is simplified by all apps being discounted the same way. This level of discount is heavily enticing to their audience, especially those to whom price is a factor.

We’re of the opinion is that gifting isn’t suited to consumer software. What works well in the game industry doesn’t translate into software products.

In terms of buying behavior, people just aren’t wired to purchase intangible gifts on Black Friday. If you’re still interested in gifting or believe it will have value for your product, check out the implementation guide we released last year on the subject.

But from our experience, we’d say to save yourself the engineering effort and utilize other methods like discounts and product bundling. One statistic that reaffirms the effectiveness of Black Friday discounts is how Sparkle tripled their revenue on Black Friday,

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Can you imagine what we will be downloading in another twenty years?

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